[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ info_title=”GNSS & Survey Solutions”]UniqTeK has the largest RTK network and CORS in Laos. We have the ability to subcontract and take on large contracts for survey projects more effectively and has a cost advantage for projects such as Survey, Designing, Construction, International Procurement, Power Solution, GIS Solution, and much more.

We have specialized survey equipment & software solutions available at disposal such as RTK, CORS, Drones, USV, ArcGIS, Pix4D[/mvc_infobox]

[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ info_title=”Hydro Power”]UniqTeK is considered one of the few companies which can supply equipment to EDL-Gen’s hydro power plants. We have been working with World Class manufacturers such as General Electric (GE), HITACHI (ICP), EBARA Pumps, OMICON, FLUKE,

MEGGER, AMPTRON and much more.[/mvc_infobox]

[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ info_title=”Construction”]UniqTeK Co., LTD has been experiencing on constructing major infrastructure of Government and Enterprise such as being a prime contractor for infrastructure improvements for Beer Lao, building access road for EDL Gen power plants, river bank erosion and schools and governmental offices. We are proud to be an acceptable contractor for the Lao government, ADB, World Bank, Beer Lao, EDL Gen and much more[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ info_title=”Installation”]We are professional team who have in-house engineering capabilities to carry out building electrical systems, air- conditioning, plumbing, communications and network cabling that suits both consumer and enterprise grade work. We are proud to be serving top Lao enterprises such as Beer Lao, EDL Generation Public Company, and others.[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox title_color=”#000000″ info_title=”Procurement”]A capability that we cannot ignore is our ability to participate in procurements that is funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, other NGOs, governments, and private companies that seek to purchase, install and require services in the survey, environment and mining sector. We have much experience, close relationships, and access to information for upcoming procurement projects in the Lao PDR[/mvc_infobox]