Marine Survey

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Marine Survey

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CHC LandStar 7

LandStar 7 Android APP with CHC cloud service is modular designed for high precision Surveying, Engineering, Mapping, GIS data collection, super packed Road Stakeout and Pipeline Surveying with precision. Make your work more efficient with LandStar 7 APP from field-to-finish!

Software Introduction

Surveying and Mapping with Enhanced Graphical Tools

Supports both online OSM/BING map, and several base map formats (DXF, SHP, TIF, SIT, KML, KMZ and WMS) while surveying. Powerful edit tools allow users to edit measured and snapped features for creation and deletion of polylines, polygons and circles. Other main features allow for polyline interruption and polygon redrawing.

Customizable GIS Attributes

During data collection, users can customize attribute fields with media capture (pictures, videos and voice). Multi-code function allows users to survey polylines and polygons simultaneously while sharing the same points to meet your project requirements.


Super Packed Road Function

Features include horizontal and vertical alignments, cross-sections with slopes and user defined structures are allowed for efficient surveying and stakeout. Enhanced data verification allow users to eliminate costly errors. Users can both manually input or import designed road elements from LandXML files, select polyline from DXF file as road center line and stake out the station or survey the cross-section.


Easy Pipeline Survey

Makes it simple to survey underground pipelines using integrated data from both the GNSS receiver and the pipeline detector. Users can store high precision and high quality pipeline coordinates with attributes for exporting into SHP/CSV files.

CHC Cloud Service

Allows for uploading and downloading projects, coordinate systems, work modes and codelists.

Key Features

Various base maps display

  • Supports OSM, BING and WMS online maps.
    ● Supports DXF, SHP, TIF, SIT, KML and KMZ offline maps.

Extensive import and export data formats

  • Support DXF, SHP, KML, KMZ, CSV, DAT, TXT and CGO as import formats.
    ● Support DXF, SHP, KML, KMZ, RAW, HTML, CSV, DAT, TXT as export formats.
    ● Support customize the import and export contents while choosing CSV, DAT, TXT formats.

Various types of measurement

  • Support RINEX and CHC HCN static data formats.
    ● Support 7 methods of point measurement, including topographic point, control point, quick point, continuous  point, offset point, EBubble compensated point and corner point.
    ● Support simultaneous stop-and-go and RTK measurement using topographic point or continuous point.

Efficient multi-code surveying

  • Supports multi-code for surveying point, polyline and polygon at the same time. One point can be the node for multiple polylines and polygons.
    ● Quick code panel also shortens work time.

Multiple types of stakeout

  • Support point and line stakeout by snapping feature point on DXF base map or survey point.
    ● Support surface and road stakeout.

Various navigation prompts

  • Support real-time display of direction, distance and cut/fill value.
    ● Different tolerances are available to set various degrees in different sound on target-approach.

User-friendly stakeout interface

  • Map mode shows current and target position.
    ● Compass mode shows target direction.
    ● Users can set north, sun or point as a reference direction.

Super Packed Road Elements

  • Create survey and stakeout center lines, cross-sections, station names from designed road file such as ROD file, DXF, LandXML.
    ● Calculate road elements such as cross-sections, slopes, culverts and user defined structural features.

LandXML Road Format

  • Convert horizontal and vertical curves into CHC ROD file for road stakeout.
    ● Road stakeout is more efficient, no need for users to input alignments.

Changeable Design Views

  • For stakes, slope, free slope, structures and data check.

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