Product Marketing: The MVP of Launching a New Product

Product Marketing: The MVP of Launching a New Product

18 Strategies To Boost Your Product Launch Marketing Strategy

That might mean ensuring there is a comfortable space for them to meet with customers, computer access, or a system for booking meetings. Mainly because no matter how good your positioning is, it takes time to get the pitch down, and not everyone will get it. You want to get this right, but don’t over-commit to messaging. It can change as you share your messaging with internal folks and customers. Most product people have the urge to communicate how great individual features are –something you want to avoid in launch messaging.

A good practice to understand your audience is to define customer personas, that is, your ideal customers’ profiles. It might sound obvious, but there are far too many great products out there that fail because they lack a good underlying strategy that’ll support everything. Although Product Hunt may not always be suitable for every company, being a part of an overall strategy can provide many benefits. Email marketing may suffer as a result of inactive email addresses, said Graham Smith, marketing director of B2B marketing consultancy Marketing Graham. That could, however, be a bright spot for LinkedIn InMail campaigns, which generally have high open and click-through rates. 2020 brought us successful brand collaborations like McDonald’s and Travis Scott, Adidas and Allbirds and Adidas and Lego, which means more brand collaborations are likely on the horizon.

Going to market strategically

Without being aware of competitor products and marketing efforts, you may end up launching a product or conducting a marketing campaign that just isn’t on the same level as a competitor. Work with your sales team to coordinate meetings and outreach the day of the launch, or directly after. And use signals from your marketing efforts to drive the hottest leads to sales right away. For example, in 2018, we launched HubSpot’s free email marketing tools on Product Hunt. We choose Product Hunt because it serves as a great way for startups and technology companies to introduce new products to a community of product-centric influencers. Digital PR plays a significant role in launching new products. Articles, interviews, and coverage from the right sources is invaluable exposure.

It can be a sign your brand should invest in a podcast, which allows you to be extremely creative and open to choices. For example, you can invite influencers to talk about a subject from your niche or explore a more extensive topic that you can break down into more episodes. What strategy you are adopting to reach your objectives and make sales. 15 – Get strategic marketing advice from a business coach or marketing advisor. Launches create excitement and buzz that generates even more leads than a boring old product release. 9 – Offer your product to beta test customers at a discount, or for free. • Your prospect never said “No.” Most people are very busy at work and it’s easy to get sidetracked.

Hire them or ask employees from other departments to cover during launch. Make sure your support team knows all the ins and outs of the product, so they can answer any customer questions. Of course, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot when it comes to in person events.

Stage 3: Prepping Launch Collateral Using Personas

You should take advantage of cash cows for as long as possible. Working with influencers is like making the best of traditional word of mouth marketing but in the digital landscape. And this is even better because you can also measure its performance through likes, shares, social media engagement, referrals, clicks, and conversions. 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide, social media marketing is a great way to share your promotional content. Don’t forget that content marketing is more than just creating content. Based on your overall marketing strategy, the process begins with creation, followed by promotion, measurement, and constant optimization.

18 Strategies To Boost Your Product Launch Marketing Strategy

While discount codes can lower your profit it can also convince a customer on the fence that today’s deal is worth buying. Having freebies under your special offers page can also help build up your email list. If you sell phone cases, you can create and giveaway phone backgrounds on your website. If you sell fashion, you can give away a free pair of earrings with a minimum purchase as earrings can be affordable on AliExpress. Not winning a prize can be discouraging – fortunately, there’s an easy solution. When you go to send an email to the people who didn’t win a prize, send them an email saying they’ve won a runner-up prize. The runner-up prize will be a small gift card to your store that has a minimum spend required so that people don’t take advantage to get something for free.

Week of your product launch

Balance your pricing strategy between being competitive and value-focused with the need to turn a profit. Your price should reflect how you plan to market your product. Having a recognizable brand name is no guarantee that a product launch will be a success. Might be worth it to go over your product launch checklist one more time, too. Give your website checklist a final run-through afterward.

How do I make announcements interesting?

  1. Segment Your Audience. Before write interesting product announcements, it is essential to consider your audience.
  2. Find the Best Tone of Voice for Your Audience.
  3. Be Clear and Concise.
  4. Highlight the Most Important Details.
  5. Use Different Writing Structures.
  6. Use Trending MEMEs and GIFs.

And that’s what product marketing is all about – it’s the bridge between the company’s goals and customer’s desires. Whenever a company is launching a new product, all departments contribute with different input to the project’s planning and implementation. However, for the new solution to win the customer’s heart and become a success, the team’s efforts need to be consistent and coordinated. Chances are, you aren’t the only brand in the market selling artisanal earrings or industrial-grade denim. The next step is to identify what makes your product special and promoting that differentiator. The sooner you realize what makes your products interesting and special, the sooner you can start planning for eCommerce world domination.

Marketing Promotion Strategies from Concept to Top Brands Practice

Of course, it’s entirely possible to achieve great success by saying, “I have an idea for a product! ” and throwing a large amount of money toward it, but this has been proven time and time again to be an inefficient waste of valuable resources. Speaking of positioning your product, the next step is to determine where your new idea fits within the existing landscape. This includes finding ways to differentiate yourself and identifying key features to replicate or improve upon.

18 Strategies To Boost Your Product Launch Marketing Strategy

Creating suspense around your new product will build buzz, and get people talking before it hits the market. After conducting market and customer research, use it to develop a marketing campaign. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify. The goal of any GTM strategy is to increase sales while decreasing costs.

Your Product Should Align With Your Brand’s Back Story And Purpose – And The Values Of Your Intended Customers.

The results are for both B2C and B2B marketing strategies. Twitter is your main tool, but an effective digital PR and partnering program should be tightly linked to your key, numeric business goals and help drive revenues and clients/users. All in all, without the product marketer’s contribution, there’s a risk that the company will produce something that the audience doesn’t want or need. As a result, it may be difficult or impossible to create demand for the product and meet its commercial goals. They communicate and collaborate closely with the development team to obtain a deep understanding of the product. This way, they can translate solutions and features into customer benefits and selling points. Unlike other marketing roles that are usually related to the post-production stage, the product marketer enters the scene much earlier.

  • The best way to do this is by conducting PESTEL analysis, and cross-referencing it with customer behavior trends.Furthermore, the product launch should be when demand is at its peak.
  • While this strategy will not make or break a launch, it’s a well known phenomenon in marketing that repetition makes messages more effective.
  • In addition to demonstrating they are trustworthy, brands should foster communities of loyal customers in 2021.
  • In fact, Shiv Gupta, CEO of digital media marketing agency Incrementors, said there’s a real opportunity for small businesses to capitalize on local search in voice.
  • The feedback you get from these methods is golden and can direct your marketing efforts and product design.

This is where you explain why your product is best suited to meet your prospects’ specific needs. Focuses on the use of keywords, long tail keywords, titles, metatags, SEO-friendly URLs, title modifiers, among other page elements. A great example of a low cost, inventive viral video 18 Strategies To Boost Your Product Launch Marketing Strategy is First Kiss, from Wren Studios, which only cost $1300 to produce and at the time of writing has racked up over 91m views. You should run a quality yet rapid program for developing the best-fit brand name, iconography and/or logo – and start with URLs that are available.

A global presence will allow you to capture a larger market share and future-proof your business against any fluctuations in local market conditions. If you want influencers to be an ongoing part of your launch plans. About a month after your launch, send out an email asking your new customers what they thought about your product.

If you gave up after six months, you might have to extend the sales cycle to twelve. • Your prospects still have the pain point your product can solve. Talk to customers who are happy with your failing product. You might find out they love it for reasons you didn’t consider.

They want dialogue and crave opportunities for engagement. Strive to create those experiences whenever and wherever you can. When defining one’s marketing strategy, it’s essential to go beyond selecting sales and marketing channels. Make a list of all the businesses that are selling comparable products and analyze their marketing materials. By going through their advertisements, you can zero in on what makes your product distinct.

  • A content calendar is used to determine what content will be created, how often it will be posted, and how it will be spread across various platforms.
  • Because, at the end of the day, the marketing department makes money.
  • If it’s a large product with several components or services, break it apart into separate products.
  • That’s why one of the most important elements of a successful product launch is to dig deep and study viable markets to the point they know them inside out.
  • With a strong online presence, it will be more convenient to use your positive impact to keep users loyal.

However, an important decision that needs to be made before monetising your giveaway is which platform you will use. Affiliate program can prove to be profitable for your business.

How to Market a Product

A content calendar is used to determine what content will be created, how often it will be posted, and how it will be spread across various platforms. It gives you a high-level view of your content marketing efforts, and see if there are any gaps in your strategy. You can then fill these gaps with unique, quality content that makes your audience keep coming for more.

The process can be divided into three general stages – product analysis, audience building, and marketplace positioning. However, these can overlap, and the pertaining steps may not necessarily be in the provided chronological order. To that end, the product marketer also analyzes which segments of the brand’s clients match the product’s profile, finds new potential audiences, and conducts in-depth market research to understand them. Leveraging this information, they can build on-point buyer personas that can serve the go-to-market strategy. The goal of the product marketer is to understand the audience with its pain points and needs, and figure out how the item can best respond to them.

Start reaching out to the leading publications in your industry. PR remains one of the best ways to generate buzz for companies of all sizes. But regardless of how innovative your product is, if you don’t have a solid online marketing strategy in place, your sales will, in all probability, suffer. Successfully managing a new product launch is no easy feat. With all the work that goes into research, development, testing, and manufacturing, it’s understandable why marketing often gets considered last. Online ecommerce clothing store you can create an app where customers can try items on together, even selecting their body type and size for a more realistic experience.

If you’ve got your Google Analytics goals set up properly, you’ll be able to find a lot of the information you need just by looking at a few reports. Coinciding with your product launch strategy and your marketing campaign is the product launch event.

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